My method consists of well founded knowledge, listening and intuition and a great deal of experience. I studied vocal pop and jazz and have been teaching for 25 years. Not only during my doctoral thesis but also since, I have studied many different vocal techniques and educational approaches and this all is incorporated into my coaching.

Singing lessons often take place in music schools or private institutions at regular, pre-arranged intervals and (usually) over a longer period of time. Vocal coaching is more individual, works in a more goal oriented way and is often project specific. If necessary, training can also take place several times a week or our work together continues over a longer period of time. There are clear, achievable goals and our collaboration does not have to be regulated by long term contractual obligations.

As the services with a vocal coach vary from student to student, there is no uniform "price list". Because much of the coaching takes place in the recording studio and the length of the sessions may vary, the price is agreed upon on an individual basis.

That depends on your needs. Normally it is enough to meet once a week. If there are upcoming projects or a recording studio appointment is nearing, then of course we intensify our training.

There are no long term contracts to tie you down. Your work with a vocal coach is based on mutual trust and the conviction that we can work together to achieve your goals. Coaching sessions are normally paid on a monthly basis and therefore can be cancelled at the end of any month.

Coaching via Skype or FaceTime (Mac) is a good possibility to work on details and/or to discuss open questions or as preparation before or feedback after coaching sessions. It is an excellent addition to coaching in person! A Skype coaching session lasts 30 minutes and costs €25. First you make a Skype appointment and then you pay in advance with PayPal (link in the footer at the bottom of the page). At the time of your appointment, a Skype link will be opened. You can find it at the bottom of the page as well.

I take beginners if they have appropriate talent and especially if they are motivated.  As I see it, my job is to develop vocal possibilities and there have been more than a few "beginners" who have surprised me with enormous talent…

No, there aren't.  Before we begin there is always a personal meeting and when the coach and student agree, our work together begins. The first meeting is non-binding and of course free of charge.

In contrast to instrumentalists, a singer doesn't have to practice daily for many hours. To begin with, there are usually only a few exercises that should be repeated several times during the day. Depending on your goals and what the coaching concept is, there can, however, be an great increase in the workload.

Of course, that is a central component of coaching. Together with the sound engineer I will analyze mistakes and optimize your performance. Because in a recording studio time is money!

I'm not a speech therapist or speech teacher, However, in most cases I can find the problem and give you effective assistance. This is especially true for school teachers or nursery school teachers and for all other professions where speaking is an integral part of the job. If necessary also in close cooperation with the speech therapists at the University Klinik in Erlangen.

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