Professional  Vocal Coaching - qualified, experienced, professional, competent. I work with professional singers, but also with beginners, public speakers, teachers- with anyone who uses their voice for a living.

Improve your voice? Hoarse after a performance? Vocal compass too limited? More vocal expression? Preparation for studio work? I locate the problem and we work together on an effective strategy.

My coaching  focuses on you as an individual. Precise analysis of the problem, realistic evaluation of your possibilities, customized training, continuous monitoring of your goals, and illustrating new ways and methods to achieve them are at the core of my work. With more than 25 years of experience  as a singer, recording engineer and vocal coach I am well equipped to help you reach your goals.

The collaboration between a student and a coach is based on success and trust and can encompass several training sessions, but can also continue for a longer period of time. We will discuss your goals together, monitor  your progress regularly and adjust your training plan accordingly. Therefore, there are no fixed-term contracts.

Before your training begins, the student and coach will  meet in an intensive meeting where we discuss your wishes and I will illustrate realistic solutions. If we both agree that productive coaching is possible, we will determine the intensity of our work together: weekly, biweekly, at regular or irregular intervals, intensive training, all day courses or group training: there are no limits. Flexibility is the key!

Of course coaching via Skype or FaceTime  is also possible. Especially after intensive training, this offers us the possibility to discuss goals and wishes and to intensify the training process.


  • Nicole Cross ( got a Like from Ashton Kutcher  for her outstanding singing) in the charts with her single "Awesome"!
    This man knows exactly what he is doing! I learned a lot from him and his coaching really improved my performance and my voice. Thanks for everything! If you really want to do something for your voice, you have to see Holm at Art of Voice! There's no way around it!
  •  Lea Haley - Dancer, Model, Singer in Los Angeles, for  Ne-Yo and many others.

    After my audition in L.A. I immediately returned home and called Art of Voice. After one week and a lot of really intensive coaching, I had my first song recorded! Awesome!

The Setting modern equipment


The best possible goal oriented  coaching requires realistic conditions! You will find these in our recording studio.

Our training rooms are also set up accordingly. We work with professional playbacks or piano, record the results regularly and in doing so document your progress. Garage Band, Logic Pro X or ProTools as well as selected peripheral equipment and microphones guarantee realistic results and enable us integrate these into your own sessions.

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